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We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday……..

After a very wet May Bank Holiday in Wales we were looking forward to a week hopefully in sun in Puerto Pollensa.  Allan is desperately slapping on his fake tan in an attempt to look healthy and I am making sure I have enough medication for a week in my world which is a year in any normal person’s world. Allan always insists he will have to pay excess luggage on all my first aid kit….but so far I’ve got away with it.  After the disaster of the Italian holiday last year where I had to go out and buy yet another walking stick and back support belt I have made sure I am fully prepared.  I carry enough Tramadol for everyone on the plane.  If I am searched they will never believe it is all for me.   I still managed to get my little toe stuck down the plughole, wrenched it free and limped for a couple of days.  Good record thought for me.















One time, my friend, Chris, had to pay a hefty excess baggage en route to Cyprus.  As the suitcase only contained Kev’s snorkel and flippers and wet suit they were bemused until they unpacked in Cyprus. and found the stones  she had taken from the beach the previous year for her garden…now back in Cyprus.  A costly and very blonde moment…..but not unusual for Chris.



As usual I set off all the alarms at the airport and had to have the x-ray thingy.  The people never look very happy in their job. It’s as Allan says…most men of his age would pay money to be frisked and patted down .  Whatever floats your boat!

We had a great holiday in Puerto Pollensa at the Hotel Daina.  I got up at 7.00a.m. every day and did a 40 minute fast walk around the beautiful bay along the Pine Walk. Felt great but I still put 4lb on.




Only back a couple of days or so and we were back in Criccieth. Our friends, Celia and Richard were coming to spend some time with us.  We were very pleased it was such a good week.  We had a great day out with them on the Ffestiniog Railway and we celebrated Richard’s birthday with a meal and a lovely walk around Beddgelert.  We really enjoyed having them with us.















We are used to North Wales in all it’s good and bad and frankly scary moods but it’s nice when the sun comes out and shows it off in all it’s glory.  We are very lucky to be able to go away and to have our van. We love the fact that we don’t know what they are saying.  The scenery can look very bleak, sometimes depressing…all that grey slate on a wet day and the soggy sheep sheltering under stone walls.  Sometimes the sea and the sky become like one grey curtain closing in on you.  It’s never boring….always dramatic and the people are real. No pretence.  On a sunny day there is nowhere better for us.  There were only 2 other people on our site.  There are only 28 caravans….nothing else.  So it is a great bolt hole.  It helps us remember what life should be about.

I like the beauty of the Lake District.  I wrote a song about it once…..chorus….

Lakeland, lovely Lakeland, I’ll return to you. ..when ugliness and sadness bruise my soul…

I’ll come to you and even in my darkest hour…. you’ll make me whole…. you’ll make me whole!

This was back in my intense, meaningful Folk club days when it was about stretching your talent and not paying the bills.  Sadly the parking costs and the whole “I am a Professional Middle Class Walker” get right up my nose….what with their Kendal Mint Cake and their pointy sticks and their ability to remember all the weird names and their maps in plastic hanging round their necks etc. etc.  Don’t get me started.

We love the Cotswolds with it’s warm, gold stone and it’s perfect houses and perfect people.  It’s like stepping into a storybook.  We do a few gigs around there and the people generally are great but it’s not for us.  We would never feel comfortable in that set up.

Re- folk references we went back to our roots a few weeks back with  visit to Martin Ryan’s Folk Club at the British Legion in Alrewas.  We were working when it was Martin’s 80th Birthday recently so we wanted to go along and catch up with him.



Great to see Martin and Stefan and Martin’s wife, Pam and daughter, Katie.  We had such a lovely time there.  It is closed for the summer but re opens in Sept. They are great people and it is a really good club.  It took me back o when I was 18 again and used to go to folk clubs every Tuesday.  Good to know I could still remember a lot of the words.

Looking forward to our folky type gig at the JUBILEE HALL, BREWOOD on 30TH OCTOBER.  It promises to be a great line up…STEVE ASHCROFT, JOHN HENDLEY AND JOHN RICHARDS, WILLIE MORGAN AND DANDY.

Have been to see a couple of shows at the Symphony Hall over the past few months.  We went with Michelle and Charles to see Bryan Ferry.  Must be honest I didn’t enjoy it as much as some of his other shows. Not very keen on the new C.D.  He’s let his lads produce it and I found it a bit bland. Trying to hard to sound “Now” instead of “Himself”. Nothing stood out except the dreadful cover of the sublime Johnny and Mary hit by Robert Palmer. As my Grannie would have said..”He deserved to be hoss whipped for what he did to that!”

To balance things we went to see one of Allan’s heroes….Elvis Costello.  One man and seven guitars …piano….banjo  etc. etc.  Very likeable and very talented.  Excellent show.

The Old Silhilians Music Club is now permanently at the British Legion in Knowle.  We have all settled there now.  Drinks are cheaper…seating is better…John Berry the Landlord is great and the lads have more room.  Lacks a bit of that sweaty atmosphere that the Sils had.  Us girls keep moaning about the Air Con and draughts.  Vivo get better and better and are doing an amazing version of the Bruno Mars Uptown Funk. Still go whenever we can….there is nothing like live music.

Quite excited to have in our possession some tickets to see the legend that is Ronnie Spector in December. Checked her out and she can still really sing.  Can’t wait!!!

Our week in Wales was not without incident.  Allan seems to have some strange affinity with sheep.  They must see him as a surrogate mother because of his hair.  En route downhill to Criccieth we encountered a young ram with his head stuck in  fence quite distressed.  Allan full of human kindness said..”If he’s still there when we come back up I’ll go over to shut you up!” On the way back up he was still stuck so I made Al climb over into the field which had a sign that said Trespassers will be sent down the mine etc.   I explained he’d have to sneak up on the little fellow from behind…straddle him , grab his head and twist to free his horns  and pull the ram backwards towards him!  Allan was not keen …..especially as a little group of people had gathered opposite and were shouting encouragement. Cars were starting to show down….not much happens in Criccieth. Before the grabbing moment the ram had panicked so much he managed to free himself bleating furiously and ran back to his mother who , in her panic weeeed all over him .  All the time both of them casting accusing glances at Allan.  Can’t help feeling he may soon be mentioned in the Yewtree despatches for interfering with livestock. He still keeps checking YouTube for footage. He said..”Not only have you made me look a Perv.  ………… you have made me look a gay Perv.! I keep threatening to send the photos to the R.SP.CA.



In the light of Yewtree   …….Can’t help thinking there will be some tough competition for lead parts in the Prison Panto this year

How many teenage girls does it take to change a Lightbulb?  Eleven! One to change the lightbulb and 10 to take 200 photos of it for Facebook.

Black Country lad answering a maths question  “If you have 2 apples and when you get home your father give you one…what have you got?” Reply….”2 apples and a sore arse!”

Devil of a job to transport all my currency for my Greek Holiday.  It’s hard to get 100 goats on a Thomsons Flight!

The Greek Government are so desperate they have even started to respond to emails from Nigerian Millionaires.



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