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Tears n’ Fears n’ Rock n’ Roll

Long time since the Blog has been visited.  We have had a very busy few weeks.  Lots of meals with friends, loads of gigs , two more funerals and some tears and palpitations.

Strikes me that life is like a big  jigsaw.  As we grow and go through life it’s like more and more of the pieces are slotting into place to complete the picture.  Each friendship , each family link, the patterns, the routines that we adopt all create our big picture, our security.  Then the older we get …..the changes the loss of friends and family erode our stability and parts of the jigsaw seem to break away.  The picture starts to feel incomplete and our own safety and security feels threatened. We have been to 6 funerals over the past few months. It starts to bring you down which is not good when you do comedy for a living.

My oldest friends Chris and Sue lost their Mother recently.  Val who had been a Nanny and  a Nurse had fled her home and homeland just ahead of invading Russian troops  in Neumunster, Germany She arrived in England at the end of the 2nd World War settled in Wednesbury and met Chris and Sues’ Dad, Cyril.  They were our next door neighbours for over 20 years .  We all grew up together.  Chris and I are still the best of friends. I’d been to see Val a few weeks before she died. She still had her lovely German accent and was still bright and interested at 89.  So many dreadful diseases come with age.  Parkinsons’ was responsible for inability to swallow without choking and ultimately her death. This was the same sort of problem my own Mother had suffered with Motor Neurone. Awful to witness.

I made a pretty butterfly wreath for her. It was terrible to see  Chris and Sue and all the family so distressed. They are all like my family.  The funeral went well and I was pleased to see Adrian Chiles take time out to come.  He had been in Manchester all day but still found the time.  He had featured Val in his book about the Albion.  All of them were lifelong Albion fans and Val herself had gone for many years until she was too ill. The end of an era.  Another big link with my childhood has gone.
















The Yewtree allegations and trials rumble on.  Rolf Harris is up at the moment and actually sang Jake the Peg to the Jury!!!!! Going down, going down, going down!!  Don’t like to be flip about it all but groping was all part of life in the sixties.  Not saying it was right but it was the norm. I can remember being goosed by one of the now defunct Soaps stars behind scenery during a T.V. walk on I was doing.


I’m doing quite well with my CRAFTYDANDY JEWELLRY.  This comprises at the moment mostly of drop earrings and whatever else I can assemble without too much swearing and neck strain. I am selling it at gigs, except where they are fund raising, and after material costs am sending off profits as donations to various charities.  So far I have sent to Alzheimers, Chernobyl Cancer Children, Parkinsons Disease and some for Macmillan Nurses. I might take orders for my Butterfly wreaths.  I like having a creative outlet. Allan can now be found most days hanging around outside the Spellbound Beads Shop in Lichfield  looking martyred and saying “Not more bloody beads!”

Had a great night out at the Robin in Bilston.  Went to see Dr. Feelgood ….the band from Canvey Island and Eddie and the Hotrods.  Eddie was by far the best front man I have ever seen.  Dr. Feelgood was a lot darker but perfect.  Love all the music  but found it a bit tiring standing all night. Glad there was no crowd surfing.  There was some very big lads infront of me

Both had our M.O.T’s this month. Breast check, Dentist, Well Man and Well Woman.  Can’t give it much credence as they said Allan was normal!  Told him he drinks to much beer so he suggested he drink cider instead.  I’ve been very stressed this last month and have been to the Docs twice with Palpitations convinced I was on the verge of a heart attack.  Hypertension. Doc said try to avoid stress.  I said “Have you met my husband?” Then I thought I’ve damaged my liver with Nurofen Plus.  Bad month with the neck . Doc says get up early to avoid the Pain.  I said he’s sleeping next to me.

Made at least one new friend though.  Met someone I’d only known through his MySpace page.  Got to work with Marc Andrews at Oakengates Theatre.  Lovely guy.  So pleased to meet him after so long. More info about him and his singing partner, Sarah in my Diary for May.  String of Pearls is their name. Loads of lovely stuff on You Tube and some brilliant photos on their Facebook. If you know of any Vintage events…get them booked!



Just to prove we have some happy events to go to.  Picture of Rob Brown our long time friend from Boggery days and his lovely new bride, Lisa who got wed at the beautiful Wroxall Hall.

.Looking forward to some time off to work on new songs and do some writing and hopefully put some stuff on You Tube. Songs for the new C.D almost all recorded now.  They are the funny songs which we have been doing over the years.  Some going back to our folk club days. People have requested that we do them again so quite a lot of them have to be re- learned,……..Allan!!  Hoping to get some new publicity .  Just trying for a day when we both manage to look almost normal and just under 90.  Not easy.

I heard this the other day it could be the new UKIP soundbite…. “Bloody Romanians….coming over here and taking our Polish immigrant’s jobs!”

Standing in the Library the other day the man in front of me asked for a book on Erectile Dysfunction.  The Librarian tapped her computer keyboard and, peered at the screen and said…”it’s not coming up!”  He said “That’s the one”!”

Leave Gary Barlow alone…..Whatever he said….whatever he’s done….he didn’t mean it!!

Things looking bad for the Lib Dems…….I mean the Lib Dem.

They’ve discovered that 25% of Britons fail to get C or higher in G.C.S.E. Maths!  That”s more than half!

Katie Price pregnant again ad her husband has exited with her best friend.  New legislation means any men under 30 may now get their papers to be called up for Katie Price Husband Duty.

And just a thought in this new world we have created…this Big Society…….do people smoke e.cigarettes after sexting?



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