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Spring Rambling.

Finally starting to feel like Spring.  I shall have to check with a friend of mine to see if her vest has come off yet.  That is truly the first sign of Spring. Well, that and the first Cuckoo.  I wouldn’t recognise a cuckoo if Milo ( our time shared cat) brought one in as a present.



Though to be fair…more difficult as most of them are without heads.







Speaking of things coming off.  Had some strange happenings a while back.  I go for a breast examination every 4 months as a precautionary measure to a Private Specialist at his house.  Years ago I went to a Physio for a massages in his garage…all above board….but that’s another story.  The breast check guy I have gone to for years.  One time Allan actually came in the room with me for the appointment and had to sit and watch somebody else manually checking every inch of my breasts and then pay him for the privilege.  We both felt like part of a Swedish Sex Show…Al now stays in the car as he finds it too weird. Last time I went there Allan parked round the corner for once, as the house is on a busy main road.On his way to collect me from the appointment he glanced from the pavement through the bushes in time to see me sitting in full view with all my bits and pieces out. The blinds (unknown to me) had been left open and the light was on.

He’s probably getting a retainer from the guy across the road and all the homeward commuters stuck in the traffic with nothing to do. I felt like one of the Amsterdam Ladies of Horizontal Refreshment. Whether this was a one off I have no idea.  My girls could have been on public display to the public at large for many years without my knowledge.  Allan laughed like a drain!!


Don’t know how people find the time to blog.  I need to get into a pattern.  I used to keep a thing called Dear Diary in the 60’s which had a lock and key and a girl with a ponytail sitting on the front cover.   I’ve still got it.  I spent most of my teenage years stalking various lads that I had a “crush ” on.  I even paid somebody at school to take secret photographs of the boys that I fancied.  How Machiavellian was that!  I sound a bit like a “Bunny Boiler” …I’ve still got the photos.  Anybody who went to Wednesfield Grammar in 60-65 you could still be in my files in black and white! Amazing how the self confidence disappears.  I suppose when we are young we feel irresistible, immortal and unstoppable.  Short lived misconceptions! I still feel young in my head but the guarantee on most of my body parts has expired. I still think I will soon be a proper adult and ready to cope with life’s trials and tribulations.  I get easily intimidated.

Been good this month to go for some meals out with friends.  Mike has been over and done magic things with the computer, Ipad and new printer and then him and Allan have ate their body weight in Kickass Chicken, Rice, Garlic bread, Wedges and Onion rings.  Thanks for Al’s Birthday treat meals from Mike and from Steve and Gloria.  Great to see them after so long.  All good wishes to Steve and Chris with their upcoming Desperado Tour.

Managed a meal with Anne and Jack in the new 2 for 1 at Lichfield…..The Saxon Something or Other near Waitrose. A couple of trips over the see Web Wizard Paul Shotan.  It’s been fun getting to know him a bit better and nice to know him more as a friend now.  He has helped us such a lot.  Also big thanks to Nicky and Cliff for coming to the Friary to film our show there.  It was primarily to see what we are doing wrong when we are on stage.  Apart from the fact that Allan constantly interrupts me….although he says he doesn’t!  It seems that I spend most of the time looking on the floor.  I must confess when I am out I am always looking on the floor for money (Allan says this is pure Friar Park).  Last year I found 2 ten pound notes and yesterday I found a 5 pound note in the forest at Portmeirion. Can’t be bad.

Had a good night at the Symphony Hall when we went to see the Ultimate Rhythm and Blues Night.  Spencer Davis couldn’t make it as he was ill but he had been replaced by Dave Berry..who I love.  Other acts were the Animals, fabulous Scottish Blues Shouter Maggie Bell, the Yardbirds and the Zombies. Bit disappointed in the Zombies who I usually love .  They topped the Bill but Rod Argent spent more time talking than singing and  was really starting to irritate people.  We have seen Colin every year for the past 8 years at the Robin and each time he has been brilliant. Those songs are so hard though.  My lovely Tom Toon hardly got chance to shine on his guitar for all Rod Argent’s self indulgent organ solos.

I went into a Public Toilet yesterday and noticed a handwritten note nest to the hand dyer which read “Press Button for a short speech by David Cameron!”

Was wondering today if my 2 slices of Carrot Cake count as a vegetabl

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