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Emotion Overload

Trying to remember to write more.  Today has been such a full day. We went into Lichfield this morning for breakfast at the Lounge.  We love Lichfield because we know so many people there now and its great to stop and have a chat.  That’s what being retired or in our case semi retired is all about.  No real timetable. It is amazing how many things happen on a day to day basis to make us re assess our own lives.  Some things happened this week that really put in perspective the way we live and I think made us appreciate it more.  I think we all get tired of routine or think maybe we are missing out on something….on some other fabulous lifestyle that is just out of reach. There is so much in the world, especially at our age, to irritate, to frustrate, to confuse and anger.

Today was one of those days that adjusted the balance and re affirmed that life with all it’s shades of dark and light it something to be unequivocally grateful for.  We hadn’t stayed in Lichfield the day before to see Stephen Sutton brought into the Cathedral so we felt it only right to go and pay our respects today.

It has all been said.  Special doesn’t anywhere near cover it. He summed it up in his own words:” I don’t see the point in measuring the worthiness of your life in terms of time, but rather you should measure life in terms of what you achieve”  Stephen Sutton (1994-2014)

The response from people everywhere has been incredible. The scenes at the Cathedral were stunning………… sad yet uplifting and infinitely humbling. The whole event, for such it was, had been organised by everyone concerned with the utmost respect yet without the formal, dispiriting manner so often prevalent at this type of occasion.

Everyone, volunteers, Cathedral Staff, Clergy involved, everyone made the people, who came in vast numbers, welcome and part of the celebration of Stephen’s life.  The queue on Thursday continued from 5.00 p.m. right around the Cathedral until they closed the doors at 11.30pm and it was 1.30 a.m. before the Stewards could finally get away.  We waited an hour in a very long queue on Friday afternoon to pay our respects  before the last special service and before the private burial. Very emotional and uplifting scenes.

In a world where we often despair the lack of humanity Stephen and his incredible joy and tenacity for life has shone out like a beacon to inspire everyone and to make us all realise what “ordinary” people are capable of achieving.













Later in the day we headed over to Woods End in Tamworth to see the Ivy League.  We haven’t seen them this year and we get withdrawal symptoms if we go too long.  Our friend, Helen was already there and had saved us a seat. As I said in my last blog. It is great to make new friends at our age.  We haven’t known Helen long but we get on really well and she is good fun. Helen knows the lads well as she travels round to their gigs selling their merchandise for them and checking all is okay….a bit like a tour manager.

As usual they were on cracking form.  They never take anything for granted.  They work as hard and put as much into the performance whether the are in a  theatre or a small club.  They are on a big tour this year with several other 60s bands.  Look out for them at your local theatres. Great to see them do two spots. We got up and had a jig about for the second half after a great deal of persuading to get Allan up.

Lovely to see the other local Ivy League groupies….Keith and Sue.  We all meet up and sit together and then storm the dressing room at the end.  They are the greatest bunch of guys you could meet.  Even their Roadies are friendly. It makes It such a special night that they take time to meet and greet people. Keep on rocking, lads…we love ya!





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