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Baby Boomer Blues

Like everyone else we are feeling fed up with the weather.  Tragic loss of life and property is partly down to the useless chinless wonders who make the decisions.  Why could they not listen to the concerns  and advice of the people who live and work on the land and who have a lifetime of experience in these matters.  Instead, irresponsible cost cutting resulted in the failure to dredge the rivers and the decision to divert water away from the more “important area and homes ” along the Thames at the cost of many other properties.  Many of the comments from the Environment Agency have been ill conceived and inflammatory in many cases. It’s hard to understand how these people who have lost everything can remain so good natured and so stoic in such shocking conditions. I haven’t noticed any other countries sending us any offers of help. A friend in Somerset said a British Red Cross Boat went past his bedroom window and asked if he wanted to give a donation to Syria.  Not really….but perfectly believable!

Life in the Briscoe Mansion tootles along at the usual pace…slow and dead stop. We get up in the morning and say “Don’t feel as if I have been to sleep, do you? Is this what getting old feels like?” Allan has just had to face the emotional turmoil of turning 66 at the end of January. New Year and Big Birthday is Bad Karma! It’s a long hard look in the mirror and not liking what you see.  To quote a song written by the Ivy League “What’s making me sad, the face of my Dad where I used to be!” Sonia and the girls at the Lounge in Lichfield all kissed him and Sonia had bought him some chocs.  All my girlfriends know him well….chocolates and alcohol.  With his Birthday money he decided to upgrade his image.  He went for the “Rebel Without A Clue” look and with Chris and Kev’s money bought a flat cap from Michaels…..the posh shop in Lich.  He thinks it makes him look like an extra from Peaky Blinders hard and dangerous.  I was thinking more Used Car Salesman Circa ’55……….but I’ve not said.



I also have had an age related moment.  I start every new year with an expensive jar of face cream. This has promised to lift my jawline (now skimming the floor….not so much dropped as plummeted). It is set to blur or erase wrinkles and age spots (think over ripe banana), illuminate the sallow skin and clean the toilet.  This has been advertised by a flawless, airbrushed, 14 year old model with alabaster skin who has never known a day’s stress in her life.  Obviously she also never made the mistake of plucking her eyebrows so they will never grow back. She will never have to spend each morning with a crayon trying to draw them in level after too much red wine the night before! Bitter!  OF COURSE I’M BITTER!  I find the hardly used cream the following year at the back of the cupboard! A “girlfriend” said about 10 years ago “What are you going to do about going on a Stage now you are looking old?”I said if it gets too bad I shall have to wear a bag over my head! Thank you for your concern!” I think that day is fast approaching.

The joints (and I don’t mean spliffs) are responding to the slight damp we are experiencing.  Everything seems on the point of collapse.  I had to do Saturday’s gig wearing Allan’s old football support on my knee.  The smell of embrocation overpowered the 2 front rows. Very glam.  Speaking of airbrushing you may have noticed on some of our photos on the Welcome page and the Gallery that our Web Wizard, Paul has touched us up in certain places.  Ooo’er, Missus! New faces….we love it.



Our resolution to embrace the new technology has resulted in the purchase of an Ipad.  So Allan keeps telling people we are “Down with the Kids!” As we are now learning to maintain our new website with more than a little help from our friend, Paul , we feel we are becoming techno-friendly.  To celebrate this Paul has doctored one of or photos and produced a new look for u.  Doncha just love it!

Went to see a Comedy Show at the Theatre last night and left at half time saying “Yes, you can fool all of the people all of the time!” Comedy is so divisive but new technology can a double edged sword.  A five minute clip on You Tube doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story.  People are very taken in by hype. “Celebrities” usually end up believing their publicity…so even Bono (U2) has started to think he is an arse! I’ve had my fill of the celebrity comedians on T.V.  There is so much puerile, posturing and point scoring. The panel games are the worst.  None of it is spontaneous, every ad lib  is rehearsed over and over.  Most of them have sold their soul and hard edge to do tacky game show hosting. Saw a programme advertised last week “My life with an 8stone testicle.  I thought it would be Katy Perry having a moan about Russell Brand but it turned out to be Embarrassing Bodies. I only watch Charlie Brooker. He is so mean he hates everybody. Love him!

Reading the other day that a few years ago parents had an average of 4 children and that now children have an average of 4 parents!  Says it all!

Allan gets his love of music from his grandad …he always had a song in his heart….his dodgy pacemaker used to pick up Radio W.M.

It seems that suspected war criminals will be able to stay in Britain.  In fairness, Tony Blair was P.M.  It might be difficult to kick him out.

Listening to 2 blokes in the pub the other night…Structural damage, flying debris, massive depression, icy blasts, communication difficulties, untold misery and suffering……………. Yes, I forgot our Anniversary again!!

I  hear Colorado legalised the smoking of cannabis, so , like John Denver, they can all get Rocky Mountain High!

Justin Beiber goes to jail and writes on his cell wall Free JB.  Then he finds out his cell mate is dyslexic.

You will notice mi spellin and grammer is gettin much gooder since I bin usin Facebook.



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