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Old Friends

Very sad to hear of the death of a friend.  Derek and June have supported us over the past few years.   They have been a welcome sight at many gigs.  Derek, as well as being a friend,  was also the father of our good mate, Keith Slater (Vivo), who runs the Old Sils Music Club.  We have known Keith for many years.  June and Derek always came to do the door and sell the raffle tickets at the club.



Everyone there knew Derek and loved him.  We shall all miss him  The amazing turnout at the funeral last Monday made it evident how much hew was appreciated and respected. Lost some really good people from our lives over the past few month.




Talking to an old friend from folk club days, TONY SHEW (ex Harvesters and Flagon), about old times.  He is very encouraging about a Folk Scrapbook I am compiling.  We both know a lot of the same people. Still in touch with loads of lovely people from those days.  Had to include a picture of GILLY DARBEY who was the singer with the incredible voice in WATERFALL.  Along with Keith Donnelly  and Martin Oram they produced some wonderful music.  Keith is still performing, as is Martin, though separately.  Keith can be found at most of the big Folk Festivals.  Gilly now lives in New Zealand on an organic farm with her partner, Lon and his young grandaughter.




Gilly has always loved riding and each year she joins the Cavalcade and spends about 10 days trekking through the wild mountains and valleys where Lord of the Rings was filmed.  They follow the very tough trails of the old cattle drivers and pioneers.  Stuff from the Bumper Book of Girl’s Adventure Stories.  So proud of her and miss her and her sweet voice so much.


Dave Sealey, one half of the brothers who performed as COSMOTHEKA has also uploaded some great film of the lads on You Tube and I think on his website also.  Great to see footage of those days.  They were brilliant.  We supported them many times.  Sad that Al Sealey’s life ended so early but good to see that Dave is still working and doing some Cosmo stuff with his son, Dan, and still performing in his own right.



Picked up the link on a website designed by our old friends MALFUNCTION.  John and Chris worked with us for many years. Wish they did more shows….they were so good.

Check out their or just put in Malfunction Folk Group….it’s easier!





Found another good folkie site Dougie McClean still has lovely long hair!

Just a few jokes to round off my bit of witter.

Wondered if the man that invented the tie was really trying to hang himself but halfway through thought……actually….that looks quite nice!

Something I read last week  “My wife was trying to put a selfie on Facebook this week without make up to try to raise money for Cancer Awareness.  I had more than 10 offers from people bidding for what they thought was a bag of spanners!

And underneath it there was another one!……”Now I know why it takes all these mingers so long to get ready!”

Haven’t they got a nerve, girls!  At least we try!  Men don’t even bother.  Bald, beer gut, bad breath, brain dead and they still think they are wonderful!

Allan said “Thanks to the Budget if I buy 320 pints of beer I get a free one!”  Says it all I rest my case!

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